New Bowlers

How do you get started?

You do not need any special dress code, just comfortable casual clothing. You should wear trainers or shoes with flat soles that will not bite into and damage the grass on the green.

The club will lend you the equipment that you need, i.e. a set of ‘woods’. We’ll help you find a size to fit your hand, and you are ready to go…

How do you play?

The aim is to roll your bowls to get as close as you can to the ‘jack’, which is a small white or yellow ball a little larger than a golf ball that will be 20 – 30 metres away from where you are standing.

That’s pretty easy isn’t it? Well… not quite… The woods are biased, so they run in a curve when you roll them. The skill lies in determining the arc and the speed needed to reach your destination – practice makes perfect (sometimes!)

When can I come?

We have social bowling sessions on Monday and Friday afternoons during the season, which is May to September. We start at 2.00pm and finish 3.30 – 4.00, with refreshments if you would like them.

Do I have to pay?

After you have tried it out a couple of times, we charge £3 per session, or £2 if you are a U3A member. You do not have to join the club and can come as regularly or irregularly as you like.

A little more for you to read…

Bowls is a simple sport with few rules that offers gentle, stretching exercise for all ages. The image that it is a sport simply for ‘oldies’ is a myth – county and national competitions are populated largely by players aged 20 and upwards. It is true, however, that retired people in general do have more time for it, which is why the myth is perpetuated.

Interested? Do get in touch with us using the contact details you can find elsewhere on this site. We look forward to hearing from you.