Covid-secure Guidance


Before the start of the match

  1. Sanitiser gel, wipes and cleanser to be placed in a suitable position accessible to all players. However, we suggest each player brings their own hand sanitiser gel with them.
  2. Access to the pavilion limited to designated people.

During the match

  1. Mats to be left in place on the green two metres from the ditch at both ends for the whole of the match.  Only move the mats if they are likely to interfere with play.
  2. Social distancing of one metre plus to be maintained at all times. Preferably at least two metres.
  3. Two jacks to be used, one white (AWAY) and one yellow (HOME) held by each of the number 1 players.  Only the number 1 player to touch their respective jack. 
  4. Triples games to be played on alternate rinks.
  5. Chairs will be available for visiting and home players.  
  6. Only touch your own bowls.  
  7. A Pusher may be used providing only one player touches it.
  8. Scoreboards to be altered only by one designated rink player.
  9. You are asked to take extra care if you need to use the toilets and please clean any surfaces touched. Paper towels, soap, toilet roll and gel sanitiser will be available to take with you into the toilet block.
  10. Where practical, all gates to remain closed and locked during playing times.

At the end of the match

  1. All jacks, mats, club bowls, and any other equipment used, will be sanitised after play.
  2. All chairs to be sanitised at the end of play.